Empirical Bayes small area prediction under a zero-inflated lognormal model with correlated random area effects

Demonstrated superior performance in predicting mean RUSLE2 erosion for South Dakota counties.

Interactive web-based data visualization and analysis tool for synthetizing on-farm research networks data

ISOFAST, an interactive web tool developed using R Shiny, aimed at enhancing communication of on-farm trial results and aiding decision-making by farmers and agronomists through the synthesis of multi-site and multi-year trial data using a random-effects model.

Fun blogdown in R to design a personal website

Inspired by David Robinson‘s keynote talk at the RStudio conference 2019 (summary in the following tweet), I decided to write a post about how I use Yihui‘s fantastic R package blogdown to develop my own personal website. When you’ve written the same code 3 times, write a function When you’ve given the same in-person advice 3 times, write a blog post — David Robinson (@drob) November 9, 2017 Well, there are a lot of useful references to check out.

Fun Leaflet in R with NYC Squirrel Census Data

Anabelle introduced the NYC Squirrel Census data to me today. It also comes from the recommended dataset of #TidyTusday. Both of us adore squirrels 😍. The dataset contains variables which can tell when (Date) and where (longitude X and latitude Y) people saw a squirrel of certain age (Age) and fur color (Primary Fur Color) conducting some activities (Running, Climbing, Chasing, Eating, Foraging or Other Activities). Having some experience working with leaflet in R, I find it very interesting to visualize this data set on an interactive map.

Gsoc 2018 test

Here is my solution to one of the 2018 google summer of code project tests. The source code and output are available at

Using landscape habitat associations to prioritize areas of conservation action for terrestrial birds

Utilized long-term monitoring data and land cover datasets to model the probability of occupancy and colonization for 38 bird species, aiding in the prediction of species distributions on the Iowa landscape and providing valuable insights for conservation efforts amidst limited resources.