Riichi Mahjong Calculator App

My first Shiny mobile app! A score calculator for Riichi Mahjong, a Japanese variant of the classic Chinese game.

VISCOVER is now featured in the RStudio Shiny Gallery!

I am so happy to share the news that my R Shiny app viscover is now featured in the RStudio Shiny Gallery. 🎉 🎉 🎉 It's categorized into the Public Sector section in the Gallery due to its application to the soil survey data and cropland data layer maintained by the USDA. viscover takes its name from VIsulizing Soil and Crop data and their OVERlay. Although my motivation to develop

viscover: visualize soil and crop data and their overlay

Enabling users to access and interact with the Cropland Data Layer (CDL) and Soil Data Layer (SDL), with seamless cross-referencing capabilities. Recognized in the RStudio Shiny Gallery.

iNtr: an interactive NRI table review tool

Enhancing efficiency in reviewing National Resource Inventory (NRI) estimates, enabling reviewers to compare and highlight critical data points, thereby accelerating the release of NRI estimates. Currently owned by the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology (CSSM) at Iowa State University.

ISOFAST: ISA On-Farm Trial Summarization Tool

Facilitating farmers in navigating exploratory data analysis and statistical inference from on-farm trial data. Currently owned by the Iowa Soybean Association.

Iowa DNR MSIM - SGCN Modeling

Predicting the probabilities of occupancy, colonization, and extinction for 69 wild species in Iowa, offering interactive web-based access to prediction maps to aid land managers. Developed for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Systematic Sampling Illustration

Facilitating instant experimentation to clarify the impact of sampling frame ordering on the sampling distribution of a systematic sample. Developed for the STAT421 (Survey Statistics) course at Iowa State University.