Applications of R Shiny to Evaluate and Improve Total Survey Quality


Maintaining and assessing total survey quality on a large scale and complex survey such as the National Resource Inventory (NRI) often involves iterative human interaction. Tools such as R Shiny that allow graphical display and user interaction turn out to be very helpful. In this talk, I’ll introduce two web-based applications we developed, iNtr and viscover. iNtr is an interactive NRI table review tool that has been helping 2015 NRI make exhaustive comparisons among different versions of results before the final release. viscover is an interactive tool based on Shiny and Leaflet to visualize soil survey data, cropland data layer and their overlay. It helps verify the accuracy of an overlay operation needed to define the covariates for an unit-level small area model in our another work. It can be easily adapted to visualize other official statistics and facilitate cross-reference of geospatial data from different sources.

Ames, Iowa